Zoonomaly presents a unique blend of horror and puzzle-solving gameplay set within the eerie confines of an open-world zoo overtaken by monstrous entities. In this game, players are thrust into the role of a brave individual tasked with unraveling the mystery behind a sudden monster infestation. To achieve this, they must navigate through the zoo, engaging in a series of complex puzzles located within the various animal enclosures. The ultimate goal is to collect key shards, which are crucial for assembling the master key. This key unlocks the heart of the chaos, allowing players to confront and hopefully halt the source of the monstrous invasion. The non-linear progression of the game ensures a diverse experience, enabling players to choose their path through the darkened zoo grounds, piecing together the puzzle of this anomaly.

Engage, Evade, and Uncover

As players delve deeper into Zoonomaly, they encounter a range of challenges that test their wit, courage, and survival instincts. The zoo, now a sprawling labyrinth of danger and mystery, is home to puzzles that demand sharp intellect and keen observation to solve. Meanwhile, the presence of unstoppable monster anomalies adds a constant threat to the atmosphere, requiring players to master the art of evasion. With no way to eliminate these creatures, the only option is to avoid contact or utilize the Bloom O’Bang—a specialized tool provided to deter pursuers and reveal invisible threats. Collecting key shards from within the enclosures is not just a matter of solving puzzles; it’s a daring race against the dark forces that stalk the zoo’s every corner. Through strategic thinking, quick reflexes, and a deep dive into the puzzles that guard the shards, players work towards uncovering the truth behind the Zoonomaly.

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