Is your love for pizza bigger than your fear of monsters? FNAF will show! Prepare to face some seriously creepy toys that aren’t here to give you a plush hug – they want to rip you apart and make you into one of their own!

They toys are alive!

The whole thing starts in what looks like a regular pizzeria. You’re the night guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, where animatronic critters come to life and haunt your dreams. Armed with nothing but a security camera system and your wits, you must survive five excruciatingly terrifying nights. With cute clockwork toys coming alive and getting out of their way to kill you, lead by a golden bear named Freddy!

On the outside, they might look quite innocent. And you won’t notice anything out of the ordinary about them during the day. However, when the lights go out and the moon rises, something clicks in their wired heads, and they turn into blood-thirsty murderers ready to sink their claws into anyone they spot.

Surviving in FNAF depends on your clever use of various tools and objects. In early parts, those are security cameras allowing you to keep a close eye on those nightmarish animatronics (that’s how those monsters are called). Next, you can also control the doors to prevent the evil toys from approaching you. And you can also turn the lights on to scare them off. Just remember that the power supply is not that abundant, so you’ll want to be wise as to when and how to use it!

Survive and enjoy the thrill!

FNAF is more than just a horror game. It’s an entire scary tale, with its own elaborate world, and background, and sudden revelations, and plot twists. Over the years, plenty of games have been created, both continuing the adventures of the unfortunate night guard from the original part and introducing new characters along with new settings (and of course, some new creepy animatronics!).

Whether you’re a fan of the classics or crave the heart-pounding thrills of the latest installments, there’s always something new and horrifying waiting around the corner in FNAF. Keep your flashlight handy, your guard up, and your screams ready!

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