Garten of Banban Games

The modern world of horror stories is so rich that it is not easy to create a horror story that would keep suspense and intrigue. But the authors of Garten of Banban have managed to come up with a new thrilling adventure that the fans of this genre will adore. If you are not against a new portion of goosebumps, welcome to an abandoned kindergarten. This place has a really scary reputation – once kids disappeared from here and no one could find them ever after. Now you have a task to refresh this failed investigation and find some traces. Are you ready for such a trial?

The place is not abandoned!

At first glance, the mission is not so complicated. What wrong can await you in the empty building? So you accept it without hesitation. Bet when you enter the place, it impresses you with its gloomy atmosphere and something suspicious floating in the air. Very soon, you will understand why you were so uncomfortable! You are not alone here – kindergarten mascots have come to life and are not happy to see an uninvited guest in their territory. It seems there are a lot of them here, and they want to lure you into their trap. Do not try to make friends with these creatures. It is better to think about how to find some evidence and run away from here. But soon you will realize that it is not so easy!

Endless puzzles await you!

You will still have to try to find out what actually happened here in the past. For this, you will have to explore every corner of the kindergarten despite all dangers and risks. The walkthrough is a never-ending flow of puzzles and quests. Every time you need to find the clue to be able to move forward. Do not forget that your opponents keep an eye on your every step, trying to stop you. It is vital to invent something to mislead them and continue your search. The more you delve into this mysterious story, the more questions you have. And the findings will shock you. If you are attentive enough, you will find enough tips on your way – make sure to memorize all codes you come across. But think well before you do something as you can easily get stuck! Will you have enough determination to overcome all obstacles and dig out the truth? Test your survival skills!

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