Would you like to watch your own life in speed remote? Maybe you’ll never be able to, but you can live a new one, from start to finish, in BitLife! Within a matter of seconds, you’ll witness your character being born, growing up, getting a job, getting married, growing old and passing off, with all sorts of wild adventures in between!

Choices and consequences

First, you get to birth your digital alter ego. Choose your gender, name, and birthplace – but beware, you might end up in some random corner of the globe! Your character begins as a bright-eyed baby, and your life’s journey unfolds from there. Will you be a genius, a jock, a misfit, or all of the above? It’s like spinning a wheel of fortune, only the wheel is your life choices!

Before you get used to making your first steps, school is in session. Study hard, or don’t. Date that cute kid from math class, or don’t. You can even get into mischief like TP-ing your neighbor’s house, because why not? It’s all part of growing up in the BitLife chaos!

Once you’re all educated and set up, it’s time to hit the job market. Become a doctor, a circus clown, or a homeless drunkard. Seriously, you can be anything! Just hope you don’t end up as a professional cereal taste tester for the rest of your life.

Life is strange – and beautiful!

And what about relationships? Get ready for some wild love stories! Date, marry, and even divorce if you feel like it. You might end up with a soulmate, or you could be stuck with a partner who’s convinced that socks and sandals are the height of fashion. Your choices, your consequences!

And you’ll face countless of them throughout your BitLife. Should you take that risky road trip or play it safe? Embrace the chaos and let the dice of destiny roll! Who knows, you might just become a rockstar or accidentally adopt 17 cats.

BitLife loves throwing curveballs at you, like winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning while playing golf. It’s like life’s greatest hits album, featuring all the bizarre and beautiful moments.Time to start tapping, swiping, and laughing your way through the absurdity of BitLife!

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