GTA Games

Do you love risk and speed? You can enjoy both in one exciting project – Grand Theft Auto. This cool series has gained incredible popularity during its existence. It will immerse you in a world of challenges and dangers. You will take on a role of a gangster who is paving his way in the criminal environment. No laws can stop you. On the contrary, the plot encourages you to commit new crimes, complete thrilling missions, and risk your life. One thing is sure – you are to gain a fabulous experience and learn a lot of new things about the gangster world.

Test all chapters!

The GTA series offers eleven episodes. Every time it is a thrilling story that features deadly challenges. The protagonist is always a criminal. He starts from the very lowest position in the criminal space and tries to build his career and authority. The plot is built in a form of never-ending missions. Your hero relocates to a new place where all his adventures start. He must survive and earn money, and the only way to succeed is through crimes. At first, you should steal a car. But the tasks become more sophisticated as you progress. And soon, you will have to organize a robbery of a big bank. As you can understand, all this activity is accompanied by insane races, police chase and hectic shootouts. The events usually unfold in the streets of imaginary cities that are inspired by the biggest US megalopolises.

Will you make it to the scariest gangster?

Despite the risk, you are to build up your influence in this cruel world. Do not be afraid to break laws and open fire whenever you need to protect yourself. You are a merciless gangster that is not scared of anything or anyone. Take coldblooded decisions and delete everyone who dares to pop up in your way. Besides this criminal plotline, you will also explore a rich open world. In every chapter, you will learn the personal story of the protagonist and participate in his everyday routine. Prove you deserve to be named the strongest gangster in the neighborhood. Do not give up, no matter how challenging are the obstacles in front of you. Live through hours of suspense and unexpected twists. Good luck!

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