People Playground Games

New simulators appear every day, but some of them do not lose their popularity for years. People Playground is one of them. Besides, this project is devoted to a very unusual theme – destruction! Players are offered to experiment with physics-based destruction scenarios. The developers only give you an arsenal of tools and devices, and you need to invent how to combine and use them best! Just open the menu to study it well and create as many scenarios as you only can!

How to play?

If you are looking for a particular plot, this project is not about it. Here you are the author of your simulation. At first, look through the available maps and select one. Now you should spawn your characters and experiment with them. All personages are designed as stickmen or ragdolls. It was done intentionally to transmit their reaction to your attacks in the most realistic way. The array of instruments you can use is more than impressive – guns, bombs, various explosives and even monsters. All this you can involve in your experiments on the characters. The idea is to see how this or that tool can influence your personage and what harm it may bring. The goal is to cause as much damage as possible until you fully destroy the ragdolls!

Change scenarios in real time!

You will find a lot of cool pre-build scenarios in the People Playground project – here you can enjoy obstacle courses, shootouts, and even zombie confrontations. If you have never played this game before, start from one of these offered templates to see how it all works. But are always encourages to implement your own ideas and make unique setups. You can modify environment and various details to make the gameplay more exciting. You can also customize your characters – play with body shape, skin color, clothes to come up with something absolutely new. You can invent new killing methods –there are absolutely no restrictions here. On the contrary, your weirdest ideas are best greeted! So do not hesitate to test everything you can only think of – combine tools to get spectacular scenes of destruction. There is enough space for multiple experiments, so you will not get bored in this cool simulator.

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