Ms.Lemons Games

If you are looking for a game where you can never predict what will happen the next moment, you should test Ms. Lemons. There is nothing extraordinary about the plot – you will only need to demonstrate your excellent knowledge. It is a kind of a test you need to pass. So if you believe you still are good enough at school subjects – welcome to the class of Ms. Lemons, a weird teacher that will immediately puzzle you with tons of questions and tasks. Are you still ready to accept the challenge? Just be ready for a really unpredictable outcome!

In the class of Ms. Lemons!

You will find yourself in a virtual class of a teacher that looks like a real lemon. But she wears blue glasses and looks very attentively at you right through the screen. There is an interactive board in the class – all the questions will be displayed there. Every level is devoted to some subject – it is either math or geometry, or even memory skill check. The first level is more or less simple. But as you progress, things get really challenging. And you will find it really difficult to provide the correct solution before the time runs out. What will happen if you still fail to come up with the right answer? Ms. Lemons will be really upset. The main thing is not to fail too often, as who knows how your teacher may react.

Do not irritate your teacher!

You may have already noticed a scale behind Ms. Lemons. It is an irritation scale! Every time you did not provide your answer in time or responded incorrectly, you will add one point to the level of the teacher’s irritation. Once you fully fill it, the worst thing will happen that will turn the game into a survival adventure. Ms. Lemons will change her appearance on your eyes, turning into a scary creature that looks more like a monster than a teacher. Unfortunately, her mood and intentions will also change – now she is going to play a really deadly mini-game with you, where you cannot expect any positive outcome. Is it possible to remain alive in this evil confrontation? Everything will depend on your logic and choices. There is a tiny chance to trick and mislead your opponent – do your best to find it! Prove you are smarter than treacherous Ms. Lemons!

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