Among Us Games

If you are a fan of various thrillers and detective stories, you may easily become a part of one of them. This is an online multiplayer game that has already attracted thousands of players from all over the world. Here, you will need your best detective skills to investigate a series of mysterious murders. Or maybe you will have enough courage to take on a role of a merciless murderer? No matter what option is preferred by you, all games you will find on this page are worth attention. We have collected the best titles where tension and unexpected twists never end! Delve into these thrilling adventures!

What is the main point of Among Us?

All events unfold on either a spaceship or a base. Almost all games are multiplayer – the players are divided into two teams – crewmates and an impostor. However, visually they all look the same. The impostor is well-masked. And his intention is to sabotage the spaceship and kill all crew members one by one. The antagonist is very treacherous and skillfully blends in with the crewmates. He will find an unexpected moment when his potential victim is alone and kills it! Moreover, the villain masterfully hides all the traces of his crimes. So it is very difficult to understand who exactly stands behind these terrible killings. After each death, the players need to gather and vote off the suspect. But note that not all decisions are going to be correct, and crimes will continue.

About game mechanics

All adventures with impostors only look funny and humorous. But in fact, players will need to develop a strategy to identify the impostor. If you choose the role of a simple crew member, you will have to keep an eye of all your mates, as one of them is a killer. Do not risk your life and try not to remain alone for too long – the enemy may attack you from anywhere. And things get even trickier if you choose to turn into the impostor! You risk to be spotted at any moment, still you need to patiently wait for the right moment to realize your evil plan! The main attraction of the game is that every time you enjoy a different scenario, as you cannot predict actions of the other players. So have fun in this detective adventure!

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