PANICORE immerses players in the eerie world of urban exploration gone awry, where the thrill of uncovering hidden histories and forgotten places morphs into a desperate fight for survival. The game begins with the players’ characters, a group of intrepid explorers, venturing into an off-limits locale renowned for its unsettling aura and dark past. Ignoring all cautions, they delve into the heart of the abandoned structure, driven by the allure of what lies hidden. However, their exploration takes a dire turn when they realize exit paths have been mysteriously sealed, trapping them inside with something far more sinister than dilapidated walls and echoes of the past.

Survival Against the Unknown

In PANICORE, survival hinges on the players’ ability to think quickly, solve complex puzzles, and navigate through the menacing environment while a relentless entity hunts them. This high-stakes game of cat and mouse is intensified by the game’s dynamic co-op gameplay feature, allowing for a solo venture or collaborative efforts to escape the monstrous presence. Each choice, from the path taken to where to hide, impacts the likelihood of survival. Players must scour the environment for crucial items that could be the key to unlocking their escape, all while dodging the omnipresent threat that stalks the shadows. PANICORE challenges players to outsmart an advanced AI adversary that adapts to their tactics, ensuring a heart-pounding experience at every turn.

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